Friday, June 5, 2009


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fashion. I love it, I hate it. But more to the point, I'm mystified by it. For instance, do designers really expect us ladies (especially us rockin' awesome Square ladies) to put the following horrors on our heads?

Considering these "humbrellas" were presented by fierce designer Alexander McQueen, I'm guessing he did them as art pieces. I'm fine with that -- they would look amazing as costumes in superhero movies or something. I have no beef with McQueen, especially when he uses my favorite color palette.

But, dear friends, nothing I can type will be able to prepare you for these next hats...


First of all, you need to click here for the full "hair hat" catalog, including an amazing elk hat that will make your mind explode. I am now trying to imagine any place or event on this green and watery Earth that would require such a hat. I've never in my life said, "You know what I want for Christmas? A giant lion made out of hair to put over my own hair!" or, "Have you seen Audrey Hepburn's dress? Don't you think it would look even better if she jammed a giant crocodile made out of hair on her head?"

I guess I don't have to worry, though. I mean, no one would be that stupid to put such a garish hat on their heads in public, right? Celebrities know they don't have to wear everything designers send down a runway, right?


Well, I guess now it won't be that embarrassing to post the photo of NT and I at Epsom Races in England earlier today.

[image via Getty]