Monday, December 13, 2010

My World: It Be Rocked

I've come out of my laziness-imposed blogging retirement to announce that Zac and Vanessa are OVER. This is almost as bad, but not quite as bad, as when Jude and Sadie broke up. Only when Jude and Sadie broke up, I think I was in Europe and probably drunk. Now, when Zac and Vanessa break up, I'm in my apartment writing a grant. Not cool, universe.

And even more cruelly, "Bet on It" from HSM2 was the first song that my iPod shuffled up to me upon getting on the train this evening. And I've been falling asleep to HSM2 for the past couple of days. CRUEL FATE!

Now who's going to be the music in Zef?

By the by, I'm so glad we've got a label for Zefbomb. Way to hand it to myself, 2008 self!

I'm back in the game!!