Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SquareMix: Getting Over It

I sent a little collection of songs to a friend recently who was in need of some cathartic jams. She loved the tunes, I had fun sifting through all my favorites, and voila! It's now a regular feature on the ol' blog!

This month's SquareMix theme is "Getting Over It," for all of you trying to break free of toxic relationships. Now rock out.

Christina Aguilera - "Fighter"

Jack Off Jill - "Hypocrite"

Marianne Faithfull - "Why D'ya Do It?"

Henry Rollins - "Liar"

Jill Scott - "Hate On Me"

Loretta Lynn - "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"

Sara Bareilles - "King of Anything"

The Gossip - "Listen Up"

Cee-Lo Green - "F*ck You"