Friday, March 12, 2010

Square Mash-Up?

What could possibly get Squares that excited for a movie that lamely titled? Well, it turns out Leo D and Shah Rukh Kahn might be co-stars of this film. I's almost too much to bear.

[Image via koimoi]
There is a possibility that Squares around the world will pee their pants from awesomeness in the upcoming movie Xtrme City.

"Xtrme City is an action thriller set in the brutal, impenetrable, criminal orbit of Mumbai, India. Curtis Hawkley, a former U.S. Ranger, is obliged to return to Mumbai when his father-in-law's youngest daughter is kidnapped by a powerful underworld Don. In order to save the girl he must first find his old friend Raj Rangan, an Indian Special Forces Commando who became a crime world enforcer. After reuniting and saving the girl, the two men are drawn deeper into the "bhai" underworld of Mumbai than they expected. Sense of duty compels them to take on a system of corruption, revenge, and familial obligations."