Friday, March 12, 2010

It's the Weekend. Party Party Party.

It's Friday night. What are you going to do? Go out? Get drunk? Go to an orgy? Do some coke? Come to consciousness mid-orgy? Drunk dial your ex-boyfriend and sob out that you still love him only to realize it was the toddler he adopted with his boyfriend who answered the phone. Real cool, buddy, real cool.

Why don't you do like the cool kids (meaning Squares) do and stay home on Friday night? Weekend nights as a teen usually involved me in my bedroom watching British comedies and Red Green on PBS while making family trees for fictional characters. Try it out. It's good times.

Yeah, you saw that right. Red Green is Canadian. Canada. The awesomest place SOUTH of Detroit (it's a fact).

Hey, notice that guy at the end? He was wearing glasses, but he wasn't Dave Foley or Kevin Macdonald? That's Scott Thompson. Have you ever wondered what his genealogical background is? Well, I have and so has Scott and now he knows thanks to an amazing show called Who Do You Think You Are. I saw it while I was in Detroit over Christmas on the CBC. Basically, it picked out some random Canadian celebrities, like Scott Thompson, Randy Bachman, and the opera singer who sang at the Vancouver Opening Ceremonies. It was a great show, and i watched it every day that I was home.

And now there's an American version! It's on NBC, which is fine, and it's an hour long which is amazing. Last week was Sarah Jessica Parker, who I have never really had a problem with. Now I love her. She's awesome and genuine and enthusiastic on the show. She found that that she has ancestors who died in California during the Gold Rush, and were accused of being a witch! It's just amazing! The best part is how SJP went to the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, and on Monday I am meeting with the director of development there! I am freaking out!

Tonight's celebrity is Emmet Smith, which I guess is okay. I mean, I didn't know who Measha was when I started watching her episode and now I love her. Watch this show, Squares. It's almost better than History Detectives. If you watch it, there could be a second season, and here are the celebs I want to see profiled.

The Bros
I mean, obvi. Joe would be so hella into it, I can't even imagine. Probably he would ask a zillion questions and even the smallest bit of information would solicit a response like this:

Calm down, Joe! Dude just loves information. And his family. Khabi kushi, kahbie gham. Also, we'd find out where in the world those eyebrows originate. Really, they're unearthly!

JR Celski
We all know his mother is from the Philippines. But the guy's really proud of his heritage, so any chance for him to show off his tattoo is a chance we should embrace as a nation.

Her brother has written about their crazy Greek background and their whole family. I want a chance to actually see Tiffany and their father. Plus, I think she would make everyone who helped her out cupcakes or cheese balls, and genealogists never get play like that.