Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Only Hippies I Will Ever Like

Let's just get this out of the way. I'm the world's worst blogger. I'm sorry. I've been real busy watching episodes of JONAS dubbed into French, okay?

So all over the news they've been talking about Sesame Street's birthday. And I'm real pumepd for it. Did I have a Bert balloon that I bought a Kroger during an Anne of Green Gables stage crew break during high school? I did. And did I let it deflate and then proudly display it as art in my bedroom? I did. It's still there. I love Bert. He's confident in a way that loudmouth Ernie could never be. He love pigeons and bottle caps and he has a unibrow and he doesn't care what you think about him because he's happy being himself. BERT!

Anyway, in all the hubub of the anniversary, no one's mentioned my favorite SS sketch. It follows.

Meanwhile, I can't find my second favorite sketch, which involves some king or something trying to write a poem for a lady. And he gets all his best thinkers together to try to finish the poem he started. Here's now it goes.

"The loveliest flower I know is the rose
That I see with my eyes
and I smell with my . . ."

So the king can't think of how to end the poem. Now, you and I can figure out the word he wants is "nose," but this is Sesame Street, people, so they have to do a little trial and error. In the end he figures it out, and a lovely poem is created, but the best part is when one of his little minions offers up, in an awesome, heavy French accent, "Bellybooton!" Cracked my shit up. Also, let it be known that I'm pretty sure I first saw that sketch in college. Yes, I was still watching full episodes of Sesame Street in college! PBS. You. My. Boo.