Saturday, October 31, 2009


Welcome to the Best Holiday of the Year*, Squares!!

When VC thinks of Halloween, she thinks of three things:

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (specifically, watching it at her best friend's house in elementary school after trick-or-treating)

2. Halloween-themed commercials (specifically, the Coke one from her childhood and the Reese's one that won't die)

3. Roseanne's tv show! It had the BEST Halloween episodes ever, okay? That is a FACT.

Remember the time Roseanne kept trying to scare Dan, but it wouldn't work?

And remember the time Roseanne lost the spirit of Halloween, so she was guided around, Christmas Carol-style, to to see the consequences? (This YouTube features one of the best costumes ever, Marie Antoinette and her disembodied head!!)

What are you doing for Halloween, huh?

Here are some excellent Halloween treats to get you into the Halloween spirit!!

Click here to attend Horror 101 with Professor HP Lovecraft!

Pity Batman for not being able to enjoy Halloween (though I can't really tell why...)

Learn the Thriller dance:

And then do the Thriller dance with all your friends:

Click here to remind yourself which non-"horror" movies you should avoid because they friggin' give you nightmares!!!

Finally, if you want the living crap scared out of you, click here to see some vintage Halloween photos.

Eeeeeeek. Those vintage Halloween photos are a bit scarier than Tim Curry's clown costume in It, but not as scary as the entire movie The Audition.

Here's something to take your mind off that vintage creepiness:

ALL HAIL BEETLEJUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* = According to VC!