Thursday, October 29, 2009


Not a werewolf movie fan? VC & NT can sympathize. But come have to give it up for the awesomeness of the werewolf transformation scenes! Werewolf transformations can make or break werewolf movies.

A lovely YouTuber has already compiled a showdown of the best transformation scenes:

Now compare those scenes to this:

You lose, Twilight. You always lose!!!! Moving on...

I would like to dispell the rumor that werewolves are lacking in the "Hot as Hell" department. Vampires are always tauted as the sexy beasts of the moster realm, but you have to give props to the werewolves, too!

(Cutie Patootie Wolf)

(Cutie Patootie Wolf 2)

(Redneck with a Heart o' Gold Wolf)

(Bumbling British Sweetheart Wolf)

(Angsty Wolf)

(Band Boy Wolf)

(Bar Mitzvah Wolf)

(Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You Wolf)