Monday, October 19, 2009

Square Site of the Week: Literally, A Web Blog

How great is Literally, A Web Log?! Misusing "literally" is one of VC's biggest pet peeves. (Heaven help the person who misuses "literally" and doesn't use their GD blinkers when driving!!!!!!!!) The most irksome part is that "literally" seems like a relatively easy concept to understand; so, why are so many people abusing the term so much?! Sure, hearing a tv character say he is "literally up Shit Creek without a paddle," might be hilarious...until you start to notice that incorrect "literally" drive-bys are happening more and more frequently nowadays.

Check out Public Enemy #1: Rachel Zoe

Zoe's a celebrity stylist who misuses "lit'rally" at least five times per episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (perhaps that's why Literally, A Web Log doesn't cover her). And her "lit'rally" disease has been passed down to her assistants, too. Rachel's been to college, and she has enough charm and wits to convince friggin' Karl Lagerfeld himself to cut the sleeves off his own haute couture Chanel gown for one of her clients! So when Rachel says things like, "I literally die for Paul McCartney," VC literally cringes.

Click the pic or Click here for Zoe hilarity!!