Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shoo-be-doooo DANCE!

Fellow Squares,

Y'all. It is your duty to watch the season premiere of the best reality show in the history of reality shows tonight. Yes, I am talking about So You Think You Can Dance, which premieres tonight at 8pm. What, you're too cool for a dancing show? Think there are better tv options tonight? WRONG. There are NEVER any better tv options when SYTYCD is on!! It's awesome, hilarious, serious, and always entertaining.

It may have taken me a little while to warm up to the two main judges, Mary (the ballroom expert/scream machine) and Nigel (the British producer/old school tapper). But Nigel and Mary are joined on the panel of judges by some amazingly talented choreographers, and all the judges truly care about dancing, instead of ratings or popularity.

Auditions are tonight, and even that can be spectacular. Any kind of dancer can try-out:

Although, some crazies keep coming back, even though they've been rejected SEVERAL TIMES:

(That's a masked man who calls himself "Gold Inferno" and thinks he's pioneered a new form of dance called "jump style." WTF?)

After passing the first round of auditions, contestants are asked to tackle several different genres of dance in order to whittle away the competition until the real show begins and America starts voting for their favorite dancers!

Dancers pair up and draw dance styles out of a hat each week:

Usually, there is a so-crazy-it's-amazing contemporary dance choreographed by Mia Michaels each week:

...and let's not forget the amazing group numbers...

The contestants with the lowest votes each week have to, yes, DANCE FOR THEIR LIVES with a timed solo!!!!!!

Have I convinced you yet? Go on, give it a try. Listen, it's too hot outside to actually dance ourselves, so why not kick back with some ice cream tonight and enjoy some breezy fun entertainment?