Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pass me a Kleenex, Ninja Thanksgiving.

Is it too early to start the Oscar campaign for Mo'Nique? (Yes, that Mo'Nique.) I've been tracking reviews and interviews about the film Precious since it premiered at Sundance in January, and it looks amazing. It also looks like the type of emotional movie where I have to fight back tears during every scene. But, you know, some movies just have to be made. You might not be able to watch these types of films more than once, but if they impacted you at all then they've done their job.

Precious revolves around an illiterate, overweight teen (pregnant with her second child) who is invited to enroll in an alternative school. The first time actress playing the title role blows me away -- she's captured Precious' struggle with language and hardened emotional state perfectly. Don't even get me started on Mo'Nique, who plays Precious' effing terrible mother. Just watch:

Goosebumps. I really hope this movie isn't relagated to "Oh, just another Tyler Perry movie" status during Oscar season in the fall, because it's so much more than that. In fact, it's based on an amazing novel that has nothing to do with Mr. Perry or Ms. Winfrey. Nothing against them, though; prior to their involvement, the movie was having trouble finding backers due to its unsettling content. So heads-up, people. This movie will be tremendous. Just bring your tissues.

Props to Mariah Carey, who looks believable in this. I never thought I'd write that sentence in my lifetime, but moving on...the poster for this is pretty stunning, too.

Thank you, Hollywood, for calling up the interesting posters from back in the day instead of the schlocky movie posters of today. Precious doesn't hit theatres November. Don't worry, I'll remind you. Get hyped!