Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alright Stop: Musical Time!

Sure, I may be excited to watch a robot movie next weekend. But I'm a musical theatre nerd at heart, and thus the following preview made me squeal and do jazz hands on the inside ('cause I'm at work; otherwise, I totally would've been making jazz hands on the outside).

YES. Even though there are several WTF factors about this movie (Kate Hudson dances? Fergie is seriously in this?!), that trailer is hot. And I'm very interested to see how Daniel Day-Lewis deals with this role. I'm guessing he will be amazing, based on the fact he's a badass. Antonio Banderas handled this role on Broadway, but I'm thankful I don't have to put up with his -- How do you say? Ah yes -- horrible squinty machismo acting in the film version.

Sorry, but I had to sit through Never Talk To Strangers and that one movie where he was twins wooing Melanie Griffith or something. So, I'm not exactly a big Antoino fan. Also? What the heck was his wig about in Interview with a Vampire? Antonio's clearly at his most enjoyable when he's singing and fighting in over-the-top Robert Rodriguez movies, where he belongs.

Oh hey. Speaking of musicals...So You Think You Can Dance starts at 8pm on the Fox channel next Thursday, May 21st. Watch it. Please?