Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember the Time? (And by "Time" I mean "Nookie")

Today's 90s flashback music video has been selected for a reason.

I have news. Oh yes, I have news. If BBC is to be believed, Limp Bizkit is reuniting. (And apparently Wes Borland is already out of the reunion?) Wait, it gets better...they're reuniting to save modern music. Earth to Limp Bizkit!!!!!! How has your nu-metal band ever HELPED music?!

I won't lie. Maybe I kinda sorta had a little crush on Wes Borland. Maybe I still rock out to "Nookie" and "Break Stuff" on my iPOD. Don't judge me! It's not like I thought the band that rhymed "rollin" with "rollin" were lyrical geniuses or anything.

...or ARE they musical geniuses?!! All this talk of Limp Bizkit made me remember an article I read a few months ago, where Chris Martin comes out of the closet as a Limp Bizkit fan.

"I love Limp Bizkit. Just watch, in about 10 years people will start saying, 'You know what? They were great.' Because you can't question their energy and enthusiasm and that's Brian Eno's big thing — he doesn't care what the music sounds like, as long as it has life in it. It might be unfashionable to say it at the moment, but Limp Bizkit had a lot of life in them when they were at their best. I'm proud to say it right here, live and on the record.

...I also think that their version of ''Behind Blue Eyes'' is better than the Who's. Call me sacrilege."

Don't believe this quote? BAM!! Here's the link!

Did that just blow your mind?

I once stood in a crowd at a Metallica concert, and the crowd felt a little differently about openers Limp Bizkit's "Behind Blue Eyes" cover. In fact, I believe the ENTIRE section I was in stood up and flipped off Mr. Durst while he sang it. True.