Monday, January 26, 2009

Remember the Time?

Was Culture Beat SERIOUS with this video?! I may have rocked out to that song on my Walkman many times back in the day, but I never had the pleasure of watching the video until now. I'll give you a million bajillion dollars if you can tell me the theme of this 90s house party. If I were at this party, I'd plant myself next to the guy playing the organ (which totally makes sense, since the organ is featured so prominently in this song) and do the Roger Rabbit. But then I'd leave when the creepy stalker walked in and started talking about "S-E-X and plenty," prompting a fruit orgy (minute 2:42). Subtlety, thy name is 90s Dance Hits.

...and does this remind anyone else of the closing credits from Strangers with Candy episodes?