Friday, January 23, 2009

Feature Intro: Things For Which We Are Too Old

As we brave the terror which is our mid-to-late twenties, the two of us have discovered that there are a number of things that we love like crazies, but which we are ashamed to love or for which we are ridiculed by our dear friends. We're like Bosie Douglas over here, and random stuff is our Oscar Wilde.

For example, the other day NT was saying to VC, and I quote, "There are just so many things I'm too old for."
And VC replied, in a faux-snooty tone, "Oh, I believe you mean for which you are too old."

And NT was shamed. Yes, we are even too old to end our sentences with prepositions. :(
(We're prolly too old for the sad face emoticon too, but whatever.)

Here is the concrete something which began the entire topic.

Yes, it is a spiral notebook featuring actor Zac Efron in his acclaimed role as Troy Bolton, which NT purchased for under 50 cents (it was drastically reduced from $2.49!) at the Meijer in Auburn Hills, Michigan, over Christmas. And maybe she was a little ashamed of it.

With a few modifications, however, it quickly became an obviously adult piece of writerly equipment.

Maybe taxes are hard for Troy Bolton, who is but a newly graduated high schooler. But for us, full-fledged adults, taxes are routine to the point of laughable simplicity. Also, no teenager would ever think about taxes and how they might be hard, let alone emblazon her notebook with such a slogan. (Really quick, though, before we go on. We'd like to point out that we are too old for the notebook and not for Zac Efron himself. He's twenty-one years old and can purchase alchohol for himself, thus meeting all relationship requirements. Word up.)

But we can't go around scribbling about taxes on everything we see. Thus, this feature will highlight some of the things which the world may try to get us to give up, but which we hold steadfastly to, like a fourteen-year-old with a blanket. A super-awesome blanket.