Thursday, April 21, 2011

Square Video of the Week (Year?)

Obviously, right? Obviously this was going to be picked as your jam of the week.

The Top 10 Best Things About This Masterpiece of a Video

10. Frodo!! Where have you been?! Ah, being a rad DJ? Well, despite your hipsteryness, we nerds missed ya!

9. Frodo getting hit over the head for mackin' on Chloe Sevigny. Nice try, Mister Frodo.

8. ORLANDO BLOOM ALERT! If this is going to be a Rings reunion, I demand some Mortensen, y'all.

7. Danny McBride's general swagger

6. The blink-and-you-miss-it Dunst cameo. Just how I like my Dunst cameos.

5. The future Boys' car, 80s-movie style

4. Oops! Ya burnt, Dwight Schrute and Ann Perkins!

3. Oh yeah. The song is pretty cool, too. Sorry; I got distracted by the celebs.

2. Ted Danson?! Sure. Why NOT Ted Danson?

1. Will Arnett, channeling the one and only Gob Bluth. Come ON!