Friday, September 18, 2009

Square Guilty Pleasure: Divas

Some people (VC) might have been really pumped at the prospect of a new Divas Live! show on VH1 last night.

But some people (VC & NT) might have had to turn away from said program, due to the following:

1. Lack of actual divas (Miley Cyrus?! Really?!)
2. Slurring Paula Abdul making a firecrotch joke to Kathy Griffin

Yes, yes. Everyone (VC & NT) loves a good firecrotch joke. But Paula, weaving around with her back to the camera, somehow made it desperately unfunny. If Paula would get back to her old, unmedicated self, we'd be behind her 100%.

Here's the only highlight of the evening, in VC's opinion. Perhaps her opinion is biased, because "Somebody Bring Me Some Water" is one of the Best Jams of All Time?!

Ah, if only the whole Divas Live! 2009 experience was as amazing as that duet. Whoever produced this show clearly forgot what made all the previous Divas! shows so amazing.

1. Plenty of Celine (Because bitch is crazy.)

2. Divas with years of experience under their belts

3. Outrageousness

4. Fabulous voices

5. Lots and lots of runs

6. Men can be Divas, too!

7. Divas trying to out-sing each other

8. Divas ultimately coming together in the end for a rocking diva party.

So, instead of watching the rest of the newest Divas Live! installment, I'll just be watching this next video on repeat: