Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What the eff?!

Morning, y'all! I'm currently trying to figure out what the heck the upcoming movie Inception is all about. It's about Leo D. And minds? And Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JoGo) and Leo D. fight all Matrixy in a hallway? Or something?

Whatever it's about, I'm seeing it!! That trailer is badass! Christopher Nolan hasn't ever made a movie I've disliked (remember the awesomeness of Memento?), so Inception has that going for it as well. Also, it's nice to see the Leo/Scorsese & Bale/Nolan duos mixed up, right?!


SPOILER: Apparently, Leonardo plays a CEO/thief who jumps into people's dreams (via injection) in order to manipulate them. Leo's business team consists of Ellen Page, JoGo, and Tom Hardy. (Spoiler source here)

Bring it, Mr. Nolan!