Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What?! ...Okay.

Breaking News: That picture just made my day.

Head over to Funk Jelly to see even more high school photographs of rappers, you guys. Doesn't that make you feel so much better about your own yearbook shots?

If you still need to feel holier-than-thou, then check out this 10 Awkward Photos of Heavy Metal Stars site. I used to have a curly-topped mullet, and even MY pictures were better than that, ok?! SNAP, MUSTAINE!!!!!!!!!! (Question: why was Eddie Van Halen so emo, in a very Joseph Gordon-Levitt kind of way?!)

Ah, I see young Master Axel Rose favored the Dorthy Hamil haircut. Well played, good sir! I had the very same style. However, (spoiler!) I am a woman.

Who would've guessed this person would one day bring us the masterpiece known simply as "November Rain?"