Monday, July 6, 2009

It is Time

So I, Ninja Thanksgiving, have been missing for a while. I have good reason. I've been crazy, hella busy. Mind bogglingly busy. Here are things I've been doing.
1) Completing my novel. Yes. I have a compelling protagonist with obstacles to overcome, and in the end he's a better person for it. I'm really excited to travel to Sweden and accept my Nobel Prize for literature. SUCK IT, CHABON!
2) Developing a computer game. In it the main character is some sort of amnesiac spy who is trapped in what appears to be a Turkish mental hospital. You spend most of the game just trying to break out of the mental hospital, using a plastic knife to chip away at solid rock. You're smart, but somehow you always end up getting a lobotomy. Except that your brother can get to higher levels. Why must he be so good at everything? Also, the theme songs rules and will haunt you into your late twenties.
3) Winning American Idol. And mourning Michael Jackson all in one. I know you've all been wondering what I look like. I look like a Pokemon and I sing like an angel.

Okay, but seriously, I have no real reason to be so out-of-it. I wracked my brains just now trying to figure out what I'd been doing for the past months, and besides being creatively drained from writing, I think I've probably spent most of my hours sitting in my darkened room, listening to Iron & Wine like a tool while clutching my Build-A-Bear. Oooh, that damn flightless bird! You got me again, Cullen-related shit! You got me again!