Sunday, April 12, 2009


Know any good Easter movies that aren't sad? Here's the solitary Easter movie that stands cheerily alone amongst the typical religious fare. Picture it:

Famous Dancer Boy meets Girl.

Girl is from Michigan! She kinda misses it.

Boy teaches Girl to dance (and to know her right from her left).

Dancing FAIL.

Girl ditches Boy's career advice and plays it her own way.

Boy's Best Friend falls for the Girl! He's so in love that he rhymes "fella" with "umbrella."

Girl turns down Boy's Best Friend by telling him she's in love with Boy. Girl cries, despite wearing a fabulous hat.

Girl and Boy stay true to themselves (by dressing up like the homeless) and become a famous dancing pair. Dancing WIN!

Oh shit. Girl and Boy try to have a nice dinner when Boy's Ex-Girlfriend (who is also a dancer...duh, you guys) interrupts them with a big, flashy number about being a covergirl. Hands off Boy, Miss Harper's Bazaar!

Now, stay with me here: Girl gets drunk. Girl accuses Boy of being condescending and Boy is all, "But you mean so much to me!" Girl's like, "I hate you and your effing top hat!" The next morning, the Girl wakes up and is like, "Aw hell no. I can't believe I just did that! Boy's Best Friend, what do I do?" (Meanwhile, Boy's Best Friend totally starts hooking up with Boy's Ex-Girlfriend.) So, Girl decides to get real and win Boy getting him a rabbit and flowers. Boy thinks it's girly. But then he kind of digs it. Girl gets all aggressive, Boy likes her style, and they hit the road.

Happy Easter!