Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Boston was hit with a notorious Nor'easta overnight and this morning, causing both VC and me to have snow days from work. As much as I complain about the cold, I could never live somewhere where there wasn't at least the possibility of snow days. Can you imagine living in a climate where you knew you would have work all the time? Unless, of course, there was a hurricane or some sort of raging fire. But snow is so much nicer than either of those. It's so pretty!
Anyway, here's a list of things to do on Snow Days.
1) No Chores. Remember when holidays from school used to be lazy days? This Presidents' Day I did laundry. I planned it ahead of time. That's not a vacation. Snow Days you can't plan for, so you can't save anything up to do on them. Thus, you should do nothing important.
2) Wear Comfy Pants. Anything with a belt is not allowed on Snow Days.
3) Eat A Bunch. This is why you need elastic waistbands. Look, you need to bulk up to stay warm on the Snow Days. Who knows how long that blizzard will last? In case you need to head out to pick up milk or something, you should eat all the potatoes and meat that you can stuff in your face. Pancakes and steak for breakfast. This also means drinking hot chocolate or at least three cups of coffee with cream.
4) Watch Old Movies. Our choice for this Snow Day was Dr Doolittle. It was strange and astounding and featured an insulting stereotype of a drunk Irishman. And a circus. And an angry feminist. And a Pushmepullyou. For some reason I knew unicorns were fake, but I believed in Pushmepullyous for a long time. The following picture is not from the movie, but rather a miniature I'm assuming a fan made. But it looks just as realistic as the one featured in the big-budget Disney flick.
5) Read a Book. You're going to be stuck in one place for an undisclosed amount of time. You might go stir-crazy. It's a good idea to read a book that's vast in its scope and setting. I'm currently recommending State By State, a compilation of essays about each of the fifty states in the tradition of the WPA guides of the 30s. According to it, Michiganders are hella nice. Probably because we don't get in tizzy about snow.