Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brain Drain

So woke up early this Saturday morning, because I am just that cool. Why was I up at 7:30 on a Saturday? Anyway, it ended up being awesome because I got the opportunity to watch "Granite State Challenge," which I guess is a game show from New Hampshire Public Television that pits quiz bowl-type teams from high schools around NH. Memories on two counts.
First count was WFUM Channel 28 used to show "High School Challenge", which is basically the same thing, but for school around Flint, MI. Evidently, the show's still being produced and you can watch it here. I recommend watching the very first episode listed, Kearsley vs. Genesee. You might learn a little something and you can enjoy Kevin from Kearsley's fabbo bowl-cut mullet. It's a little sad, though, because it's no longer hosted by Jim Gaver! Evidently his blatant drunkness on the set screwed him over finally. Also, nice use of Fatboy Slim, y'alls.
Second memories. I myself was on the Quiz Bowl Team in high school. We were so amazing good. I have fond, fond memories of driving up to Hartland High School on a Saturday for meets. Or the Plymouth-Canton schools. Sometimes we would make it past the first round and there would be much celebration. These Saturdays may have had great effect on my view of the male sex. Since I went to an all-girls' school, Quiz Bowl was probably one of the greatest interactions I had with boys, and they were nerds to the max. If memory serves, they all looked at lot like the team photo from Sandusky, only shorter and with glasses and making lots of math jokes.
In honor of all this, I'm going to dig deep into my Quiz Bowl Question Book and quiz your asses. These questions are all from Campbell's Potpourri V of Quiz Bowl Questions by John P. Campbell. I know you're going to run out and buy it.
1) Identify the "space in which rabbits breed," or give the first name of actor Beatty.
2) Which term designates "the relatively flat part of a continent that slopes to a depth of about 100 fathoms and ends in a steeper descent to the ocean bottom"?
3) Shortly after his inauguration in 1837, which US President faced a nationwide panic that gave way to a severe economic depression until 1843?
4) Name 3 of the 3 US states through which the Cascade Range runs before it extends into British Columbia.
5) What is the value of a when the number 5i is written in a + bi form?

Spoiler Alert! Here are the answers.
1) Warren
2) Continental shelf
3) Martin Van Buren
4) California, Oregon, and Washington
5) 0 (zero)

Take that, Gabriella!