Monday, January 26, 2009

Feature Intro: Celebrity Squares

Dude, you guys. Squares totally owned the SAG awards show last night. I know what you're thinking...the Screen Actors Guild awards had Squares in attendance? Can celebrities even be Squares? Yes and Yes. Between cutaway shots of Angelina Jolie (and her bony wrists) sitting in the audience, you may have noticed that the only humorous parts of the whole ceremony came courtesy of Celebrity Squares.

Unfortunately, YouTube isn't letting me embed the videos I need today. So, here are some links to make your Monday a little less bleak:

John Krasinski and Amy Poehler's banter/act-off was the highlight of the evening. Amy Poehler's a Square, but what about John Krasinski? Some of you may argue that John is a classic Slacker instead of a Square, but his Wikipedia page tells me he starred in a college play titled, "What the Eunuch Saw." That right there sounds odd and thusly enjoyable. He's a Square until further notice.

The opening of the SAG awards begins the same each year -- various actors look into the camera and say, "Yadda yadda is how I came to love acting. My name is yadda yadda, and I'm an actor." This year, Celebrity Squares totally spiced that up. Question: can Will Arnett BE any funnier?! NT and VC think not.

Oh, how I wish Will or one of the other Celebrity Squares could have done red carpet interviews instead of Joey Fatone. What the HELL, Joey Fatone?! I hope Lance Bass called him on the commercial break and chewed him out.

Sidenote: the E! correspondents weren't doing any better than Mr. Nsync McOldGuy. They asked Amy Poehler if she had an eating disorder...because she looked so thin after shedding her pregnancy weight! And they told Ben Harper his music made them want to slit their a good way! HUH?!